The Grateful Guitar is a locally owned and operated guitar shop specializing in fine acoustic guitars and ukeleles. The Grateful Guitar is an authorized showroom dealer for Taylor, Asher, RainSong, Takamine guitars, and Kala ukuleles. We also carry guitar accessories and offer an array of services: lessons and instruction for all levels, expert repairs, and studio recording.  Gift certificates are available.  We are  located in Duval Square, between Duval and Simonton Streets (facing Virginia Street), with free parking.   We rent guitars

Weekly Ukulele Workshops every Monday  7:30 – 9:00 PM

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Adrienne Dripping sprinigs Songwriters Festival Shot photo  by Laura Griffith

Adrienne Z

For many musician’s, songwriting is not something that comes naturally. For Adrienne, it was clear from an early age she had a knack for creating original music. Upon learning the…