Buying a guitar is a personal experience.
Whether you are a beginner guitar player just starting out, or an experienced solo performing artist, the Grateful Guitar can help you find the guitar that is right for you. Whether you aspire to play… or….. you inspire others when you play, The Grateful Guitar has a complete portfolio of name brands, sizes, and price ranges, and we will help you find the one that you will enjoy playing and that fits your budget.

Where do you want to go?
Playing as well as a master guitarist is a goal that can take a lifetime to achieve …. some will say you never really get there …. you are always looking to get to the next level, no matter how good you are. It is a continuous learning experience. For beginners and intermediate players, we can provide you with guitar instruction to help you learn and improve quickly, using a song based lesson approach that is in line with your musical goals. Whether your goal is to pick red hot solos or learn melodic finger style, we can help you get there.

Your guitar needs to play well if you want to sound good.
How often do you change your strings? When was the last time you checked your guitar’s neck relief or adjusted your truss rod? Had a set up lately? We offer basic set ups and repairs to make your guitar play and sound great.

Are you a solo artist, looking to record a demo?
The Grateful Guitar has a small recording room equipped with a dedicated ProTools system.  Armed with high end Neumann mics and industry standard mic pre-amps, you can be assured we will capture the best sound you put forward.  Our speciality is collaborating with song writers to help them bring their songs to life.  We can say with confidence that if you are prepared to perform your material, you will be pleased with the recording results.