Today,  Dennis Beck, retired U.S. Navy, stopped in to pick up a few guitars that he and the DE-152 Association needed as part of their reunion celebration. The De-152 Association, are a group of Sailors from the U.S.S. Peterson, who served together in the late 50’s and 60’s. As a matter of fact they served aboard the U.S.S. Peterson here in Key West during the Cuban missile crisis 50 years ago.

While stationed in Key West the group was assigned to Windward Passage during the Cuban Crisis for 43 days, they were a rescue ship for the Mercury Capsule that nearly sunk, and we were the ship that cut John Kennedy’s PT boat in half in the movie PT-109.

I remember the Cuban missile crisis well, and am thankful for our service men and women who served back then, and those who serve our country today. Thanks for stopping in to The Grateful Guitar, Dennis, and I hope you and all of the De-152 Association have a wonderful reunion!

Dennis Beck, retired U.S. Navy, DE-152 Association reunion celebration

Dennis Beck, retired U.S. Navy, organizing the DE-152 Association reunion celebration, visits The Grateful Guitar