For many musician’s, songwriting is not something that comes naturally. For Adrienne, it was clear from an early age she had a knack for creating original music. Upon learning the guitar at age 8 and teaching herself to play along with songs on the radio, Adrienne soon began to transform her poetry into original tunes.  After attending both the Walnut Hill School of the Performing Arts and Berklee College of Music, Adrienne and another musician were enticed to move to Key West where they were told they would “blossom in Paradise”. They drove down from Harvard Square in a VW bus, and formed the duo “Aye” in 1993. They would have their farewell show at Club Chameleon, now the Key West Theater, in 1995 and would leave they island for a brief spell.

Adrienne returned to Key West in 2001 and began performing again on a regular basis. She began teaching at the Montessori Charter School and the Bahama Village Music program here in Key West and continues to perform at places like the White Tarpon, Virgilio’s, My New Joint, Boondocks and several other locations up and down the Keys.

While recording her last album “Chameleon’s”, Adrienne focused heavily on the recording process and learning about the different software applications associated with it and has begun using these skills to work on a piece she was hired to orchestrate.  “ I’ve been having a lot of fun arranging the tune with all authentic orchestral sounds thru the software program.” Adrienne is also in the process of recording a new album of original music she has written with local songwriter Larry Smith.

On March 20th, Adrienne will join fellow female musician’s Claire Finley, Robyn Whitehead, Leah Orlikowski, Shastina Childs and Karri Dailey as part of the latest Sunday Ramble production at The Key West Theater.  “The Ramble showcases local songwriters and there is no other venue in the Keys like the theater that gives them the chance to shine on a beautiful and elegant stage. The Ramble Band is made up of exceptional players and a fun group of people that I am looking forward to playing with. It will be a blast!”

You can find all of Adrienne’s music on and be sure to check her out at this coming Sunday Ramble. Tickets available at