Like many of the artists in Key West, Drew has a love for many different genres.

What separates him from the rest, however, is his undeniable talent for writing music and his passion as a recording engineer to capture something he can share with the rest of the world.

In his hometown of Columbia South Carolina, Drew’s father was the band director at school.
His entire family (including his grandparents) would get together regularly for jam sessions.
Drew and his two siblings loved being involved in the school band, they were all very grateful to have a family that is so passionate about music.

Drew learned the piano and started taking guitar lessons at age 10.
By the time he was 16 he joined his first band and began singing.
The band members included Drew’s brother and two cousins.
This sparked an inspiration for Drew to create original music and he began writing by age 17.

Drew enveloped himself in music…writing, singing, playing…. his knowledge of varied instruments and musical tastes grew and grew but it still wasn’t quite enough to satisfy him completely.
Drew wanted more. He always wanted to fully encompass himself in all aspects of the music world.

Drew moved to Florida after high school and enrolled in Full Sail University of Orlando where he obtained his Bachelors of Science and Recording Arts.
He always found recording interesting but he developed a true appreciation and love for audio engineering when he began to study it.

After graduating, Drew moved back to Columbia, constructed a home recording studio, and engineered projects for artists all around South Carolina.

Drew’s cousin, Tim Hollohan, is an iconic Key West musician.
In 2013 Tim called Drew asking him to come to Key West for a few weeks and play some gigs.
Drew was such a big hit in the Key West music scene that he has also decided to stay!
Drew is a great addition to island.
He not only brings his captivating performance skills and his lovable personality, but he also works down here as an audio engineer of South Florida, capturing fresh original music so that it may be shared with the rest of the world.

Article by Karri Daley

Drew is the lead studio engineer at Island Productions, an new full service recording studio and joint venture by The Grateful Guitar and Nick Norman. Drew is available for live audio engineering and professional studio recording.
He can be contacted at

You can catch Drew performing every Monday at Willie T’s from 9pm-1am
and Thursdays and Saturdays at The Lazy Gecko from 7pm-11pm