A few days after the Sunday Ramble Encore at the Key West Theater, I was having lunch with Bill Blue and Nick Norman to talk about the next Ramble…..the upcoming Blues Ramble scheduled for November 29.  Meanwhile, my heart was still pumping and my head still pounding from the past Sunday night’s righteous Ramble Encore performance.

Bill Blue was a guest performer at the Ramble Encore and only played three songs. But together with the rest of the band that was on stage with him (Caffeine Carl, Claire Finley, Ericsson Holt, and Joey Marchiano), he took what was already a wonderful show, to an even higher place. Shock and awe? Those that were there know what I’m talking about. Twenty talented Key West musicians performing three hours of soulful rocking music, over thirty original songs.

Bill recalled the Ramble concert and the new Key West theater. “I think it’s tremendous. The sound is there, the seating is great, the venue is perfect. When I walked in I was extremely impressed this was a real theater…lights, new curtains, and very inviting!”

“I knew the show was going to be good… the quality of music in Key West is excellent….there’s more original music in Key West than Miami, Orlando, and all cities in Florida combined. And that’s before breakfast. Music begets music. People see the music and that attracts them. Austin became a music town because of the music people were playing. There’s always been music here, but but not like now. The back stage camaraderie  at the Ramble was excellent. I was really caught up in the show.”

Bill Blue and Caffeine Carl will headline the next Sunday Ramble. “The next Ramble I’m really looking forward to with Caffeine Carl, and my good friend from Nashville, Mike McAdams. In the ‘80s you could see Mike playing on late night TV with somebody every night. He’s one of the best slide players there is and a close friend of mine since 1975. Mike, Eric Holt and I are all from Richmond. Add Larry Baeder in to the mix …it’s going to be a blues guitar filled night.”

“I’m pleased Deb Hudson will join us on stage. I met her in 1990 after she just moved from Nashville, and along with Melody Cooper, became the Nervettes in the Bill Blue and the Nervous Guys.”

Bill Blue, is an authentic American bluesman, and lives and performs all over Key West. His latest CD called “Mojolation” is a blues masterpiece. He will be headlining the next Ramble Concert at the Key West Theater on Sunday, November 29. Get your tickets now at ticketfly.com for the Sunday Ramble – Key West Blues Legends. It will be a sold out show.