Craig Jolly is a popular local singer / guitarist who performs solo and together with other musical friends in Key West.  Craig started off his musical journey when he was 15, finger-picking guitar and singing James Taylor and CSNY type songs…songs that had lots of harmony.  “I still love singing those songs.  Three-part harmony really turns me on” says Craig. At home growing up, he was influenced by his older sister, who loved singing Peter, Paul and Mary and Motown songs. Couple that with hanging out at the Hitsville USA recording studio, Craig learned to respect and enjoy singing harmony at an early age. Mixing it in with some reggae harmony, these are the same type of harmonies that he loves singing today when he performs with the “World Beat Guys”, a world beat band that includes Willy Jean-Paul from Haiti and Hugh Fenton from Jamaica.

Craig Jolly is a successful freelance writer that has transitioned to doing what he loves. Originally from Detroit, Craig has been a resident of Key West for 10 years. Although he loves music, Craig never tried to start a band or perform professionally in the past because he was so focused on his writing career. A freelance writer for over 30 years, Craig has written 35 screenplays, TV news, TV shows, and lots of corporate speeches. He studied screenwriting at UCLA.

“I’ve just gotten back into it playing and singing in the last few years. I lived in Key West for 10 years and didn’t even have a guitar down here. I started singing harmonies with some guys for tips at a wine bar on Duval Street about three years ago.” Today he performs professionally all over Key West at venues like Johnny Rockets, McConnell’s, White Tarpon, Sandy Cat  catamaran, and Viva Saloon. “Over the last two years I’ve sat in with lots of people for free food and a few bucks here and there. I am humbled to get paid to go out and play especially in light of all the great talent in this town”.

Craig’s August performance schedule includes Wednesdays solo at Viva Saloon on Duval Street,  7:00 – 10:00 PM, and Fridays and Saturdays at McConnell’s 8:30 – 11:30 PM with the “World Beat Guys” band. You can find more about Craig Jolly on his Facebook page.