As a fifth grader, when Eric Levy started playing the tuba in band, he never imagined that he would end up touring around the United States and scoring regular gigs in Key West, Florida. Though a few things, including his choice of instrument, have changed since then, his passion for music still shines through every day.

Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, Levy began his life of music like so many others, with the recorder in a third grade music class. In fifth grade, he joined his middle school band, where he played the tuba all the way through high school. When Levy was eleven years old his father bought him his first guitar, “It was just a starter kit,” he said, but he took it up and never stopped; Levy formed his first band, Vital Signs, in the tenth grade and played at school dances, private parties, and even Battle of the Bands.

After Vital Signs broke up, Eric Levy continued his musical career with multiple other bands, touring the United States and recording albums along the way with his first solo album debuting in January, 2010. In April of 2010, Levy toured the country on his “Half for Humanity” tour where he gave half of the proceeds to the Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts as well as to aide in the clean up in Haiti after their recent earthquake.

When Eric Levy arrived in Key West, he only played a couple of gigs, but when he played the right song at the right time he was offered regular gigs at McConnell’s Irish Pub on Duval Street. Now, Levy can be found every Monday at McConnell’s Pub from 8 to 11pm, Tuesday at Grunt’s from 7 to 9pm, and Thursday at Two Friends Patio from 12 to 3pm and the Hard Rock Café from 6 to 9pm.

Not only is Eric Levy performing around town, he is also working on producing a new cd called “Good is Gold” that is focused on the topic of sound healing. The album will provide listeners with a connection to their inner self, featuring seven tonal tracks to target the chakras and seven original tracks to promote self-discovery.  Levy is running a kickstarter campaign for his new album and the link can be found on the Grateful Guitar’s Facebook page. For any other information on Eric Levy, feel free to visit his website:, or catch him at a gig around town.

Written by Savana Hardin