The music community in Key West is rich in talent and experience. A great example of that talent and experience here in Key West, is Francois Gehin, a multi-faceted musician; bass player, studio producer, and live sound engineer.

Francois first came to Key West in 1988 from New York City, where he was living and performing at the time. Francois Gehin is originally from Paris, where he first started performing as a musician with the popular French band “Little Bob Story”. Little Bob Story was a very successful garage rock band that toured all over Europe and Worldwide. They recorded and signed with multiple major labels, recorded in many studios across Europe, and became very successful as a live band.

It was through the many studio recording sessions with the band that Francois gained his recording studio knowledge and recording experience that helped him launch his own studio which he is actively involved in today here in Key West.  “Little Bob Story” toured and performed all over Europe, sharing the headline with some of the most successful rock bands of all time: The Police, Clash, Joe Cocker, and playing music festivals  with audiences of 3,000 – 10,000 people.

From Paris, after leaving the band, Francois moved to NYC where he played with Jesse Malin, and Papa Chubby. Francois first moved to Key West in 1988 which is when he started playing with Bill Blue. He moved back to NYC in 1992 formed his own band called Psycho 69, and played all the clubs like CBGB’s etc, in NYC, and shortly after with went on tour with the Ramones to Brazil. After losing his rent controlled apartment in NYC, Francois returned to Key West in 1999, and has been here ever since.

When asked about his thoughts on Key West and the music scene after 25 years, Francois chuckled “everything got more expensive and went up in price except for the pay for musicians”.

Francois loves living in Key West and enjoys the music scene: “better musicians, more places to play!”

In 2000 built his own studio here in Key West, and records and produces music that crosses all genres: everything from a clarinet recording for an orchestra audition to rap music to pop guitar recordings. Francois Gehin is well respected bass player known also for playing with Larry  Baeder and Muse Gurus. Francois recorded and produced the Muse Gurus CD and still plays with Larry today. They perform regularly the first weekend of the month at Virgilio’s.

Besides performing asa bass player, Francois is busy supporting other live performances as a live sound engineer and recently worked the sound at the Jefferson Starship Concert, and The Whalers at Higgs Beach.

Francois’ view: “Key West is a great place to live and work, it has great musicians and great artists….Key West is a great place to raise my daughter”.