When Amandah Jantzen first started her singing career in the San Francisco Bay area, she never imagined that it would lead her to have such amazing experiences in diverse places such as Singapore and right here in Key West.

Born and raised in California, Jantzen moved to the Portland, Oregon area in 1991 to pursue her singing career without the distractions of having to work a second job. There she learned how to play the piano and accompany herself. From Oregon, Jantzen began to score gigs internationally, singing and playing in places like Singapore and Tokyo.

When asked what her most memorable experience abroad was, she replied with a touching story of how her friends in Singapore threw her a big birthday bash after her performance at the Esplanade Theatre. Having long gigs overseas was a blessing for Jantzen, staying in the Maldives and performing in Singapore for months at a time was an amazingly beautiful experience for her, she says. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, but her beauty also shines through in her heart with her various charity and volunteer efforts.

Though she does enjoy singing for benefits, teaching and helping children has had a huge affect on her experiences. In Chengdu, China she helped a group of children put on a Christmas show for little more personal gain than a few love notes from admiring children and an amazing experience that she will remember for the rest of her life. Janzen talks about the children she meets fondly, saying, “For somebody who doesn’t have any kids, I have kids all over the world.”

Why did she move to Key West from such a beautiful, eventful lifestyle? “I love the music scene, the musicians are so welcoming and engaging,” she says; the welcoming attitude of the Key West musicians is attractive to her. She loves the energy of the crowds during a good gig and, when asked what she wanted her audience to know about her she replied with, “I love interaction, do not be afraid to come up and say hello, I love requests.”

Come down to see Jantzen perform at La Ti Da on Valentine’s Day, at the Little Room Jazz Club on February 17th, or catch her every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Pier House.

“I wish everyone would have something they love and could do what they loved because the world would be a better place,” says Jantzen when asked about why she likes performing. The only way to describe Jantzen would be as a truly beautiful woman with an even more beautiful heart.

Written by Savana Hardin