Jared Konersman is a lead guitarist and front man singer that has become a main attraction in Key West music scene. He performs every night at Irish Kevin’s, six days a week, and is the other half Jim and Jared show.

Originally from St. Louis, Jared started playing guitar when he turned 13, and grew up listening to and playing punk rock and heavy metal. Jared first came to Key West after getting a phone call from Zac Polk, a musician friend who had been playing at Dirty Harry’s and invited Jared to come to Key West to audition as a bass player.  Jared auditioned for five days and Ron Gregorcic, guitar player for the Durt Bags, hired Jared to play bass. Jared was not a bass player, and had never been to Key West before. But as can be expected, after five days fell in love with the island and the music scene. After securing the job to play bass guitar, he went back home packed up all his belongings, returned to Key West, and has been here ever since then. That was March 2010.

Months later the band morphed in to the Durt Bags and Jared played with them for 3 years. Then, in June 2013 after being asked by Jim Simonian to join him as guitar player in a duo, Jared moved across Duval Street to perform at Irish Kevins as the other half of what is known as the Jared and Jim show.

Jared and Jim perform at Irish Kevin’s six nights a week, and have so for the last two years. At Irish Kevins the duo perform a four hour show with no breaks doing lots of requests. When Jared has to take a bathroom break he loops his guitar part for “Sweet Home Alabama” and runs while Jim sings.

Jared and Jim do all top 40 from ’60’s through today’s pop songs, and have a repertoire of over 500 songs. Sharing the singing responsibility allows them to play six nights without burning out.

“We are there to play songs that they want to hear. Performing six nights a week at Irish Kevins doesn’t get boring.. it’s a party every night…pretty awesome!” exclaims Jared. “After five years I’m still learning.. I love the music scene in Key West. It’s a very close knit family and its extremely inspiring. I’m thankful to Jim and to Ron and my family at Irish Kevin’s because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t even be here.”

You can find out more about Jared Konersman and the Jared and Jim show at their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JaredAndJim?fref=ts