Jason Lamson had known for 10 years that he wanted to live in Key West and be a full-time musician and when he received a job offer from a friend about to open a bar in Key West he was finally able to make it happen.

“We worked hands on to help create The Green Room from the ground up,” Lamson recalls.  “I worked as Head of Entertainment and House Musician – 5 shows a week – for over a year before deciding to branch out into Key West and see how I could do on my own.”  It was that decision that helped Jason become a staple on bar stages throughout downtown Key West.

Born in Savannah and raised in nearby Richmond Hill, Georgia, Jason began teaching himself how to play guitar because he wanted to play the intro to “Yellow Ledbetter” by Pearl Jam.  “I shot a little high,” he says with a smirk.  “It took me a year, on and off, before I started making proper chords resonate from my Alvarez acoustic/electric, then I was completely hooked!”  At first he would play for family and friends – nothing formal – until he landed his first gig at Augie’s in Richmond Hill when he was 18.  He played a few more gigs at Augie’s until college put his music ambitions on hold.

After graduating from Georgia Southern University with a bachelor’s degree in Science and Construction Management, Jason again began performing out – this time at all the hot spots in Savannah.  Perfecting his solo act, Jason also was able to form a band, 2ToneFish, and perform around Savannah for a little over a year before punching his ticket to Key West.

These days you can find Jason at any of the great live music venues downtown.  With regular shows at Willie T’s, The Green Room, Sunset Pier, Margaritaville, Southernmost Resorts Shores Pool and Island Dogs, Jason has also found time recently to collaborate with other local musicians– which he loves – as well as start writing some music…and he hopes to be able to release some live music in the near future.

Until then, Jason loves what he is doing, and feels very blessed to be able to perform in so many venues in such a great place.  Making the decision to branch out and perform full-time was a scary decision to make filled with uncertainty, but he knows he made the right choice.  “Best decision I ever made, “ he says…then he smiles and adds, “after moving here.”