Singer / songwriter Joal Rush has been living and performing in Key West for over 15 years. He is in the midst of completing his newest recordings, soon to be released, titled “Kaleidescope”.

A widely respected musician, Joal is excited to be opening for Big Head Todd performing at the Key West Theater this Saturday and Sunday, May 27 and May 28.

Last week, Joal performed for the 5th time at this years Key West Songwriter festival. The festival is an amazing thing. This year “The Art of Sound” and the role they played as sound technicians was a big part of the performances and contributed to the sound. Every year the festival continues to progress and get better.”

Born and bred in South Carolina, Joal now splits his time between Nashville and Key West, investing more of his time to write. He views songwriting as a discipline: “ As a working musician you have to make the time to write…it’s a combination of working it like a job and combining it with inspiration. Hopefully the two find a perfect marriage.”

Like most musicians, Joal doesn’t make his money off recordings sales, but rather working as an everyday performer. It has taken a year to record the 12 songs, and the plan is to release the recordings as three separate pieces, titled “Kalaidescope Emotions”, one a time, volumes 1, 2, and 3 with artistic content as well. “I’m going to use this recording to get back on tour, with a booking agent and go national, tour across the U.S.”

While we talked, Joal played some of the recordings for me, and after listening to the new recordings, the title seems very fitting. With a wide range of styles and influences, his newest music can be described as soulful Americana. Joal describes his musical influences as Ryan Adams, Jackson Browne, and Tom Petty. His recording “Moonshine”, has hints of Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers”, while “Sweeter by the Day” is a bit more funky with a very cool sound reminding me of Lyle Lovett.

Some of his new songs comes from working as a duo with long time friend and collaborator Andy Luadzers, as “The Grand Folks”. “Darlin’ Stay” was written after an emotional breakup with a girlfriend. “It was how I coped…I channeled my emotion in to the music.”

Besides opening this weekend for Big Head Todd at the Key West Theater, you can catch Joal Rush at the Smokin’ Tuna, this coming Tuesday May 30, 9:00 PM show, where Joal will be performing with Nick Norman and Chris Thomas.