Pete JarvisOne of Key West’s most popular musicians is Pete Jarvis, one half of the infamous Pete and Wayne duo, that performs regularly at Sloppy Joe’s.  Pete has been performing in Key West for over 25 years, since he first moved here in 1989. Originally, he came to Key West to open a jewelry store with a friend, but almost immediately ended up playing a gig for tips that paid him $200 his first night. That convinced him to stay and to play, and he never looked back.

Together with Wayne Hammond (recognized by all the local musicians as a “killer” bass player) Pete and Wayne, are one of the regular headline acts at Sloppy Joe’s, performing the mid shift 5:30 – 9:30 PM. In Pete’s words they “do touristy stuff …gaudy, bawdy, and naughty!  Making a living, a making music, well…that’s fun!”   And everyone agrees that Pete and Wayne do it really well!

Many of Pete’s musical influencers were the folk singers from the 60’s: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Arlo Guthrie, and the early Grateful Dead.  Pete’s musical performance style and strength is more organic and natural….no pedals, just music and personality, and communicating the music and the message with the crowd.  That’s also why he is excited to be performing an special upcoming show with Carl Wagoner (Caffeine Carl), another great local musician who also thrives on interaction with the audience.

Pete and Caffeine Carl will be performing together for 4 days at Sloppy Joe’s: April 8 – 11. Undoubtedly this will be 4 nights of good acoustic rock music and bluesy fun!  Pete remembers the first time he met Carl, when Carl was too young to be allowed in to bars. Pete observed Carl diligently watching Terry Cassidy perform, and Carl was asking for playing advice. That was the first time Pete met Carl.  Today, Carl is the player everyone goes to for playing tips.

Pete had a chance a few years ago to play with Carl in a band called “The Feeder Band” along with Marty Stonely, Ken Fradley, and Mary Spear.  Pete is humble about his talent and success, and very complimentary of his fellow musician friends in Key West, and thankful for the opportunities he has had to perform with so many fine talented musicians. Pete Jarvis describes Key West as “always been a music town, but in the last ten years the talent has soared.” He is in “awe of the musicians who have come here more recently and along with the high caliber of original music being written, recorded, and performed in key West”.

Pete is also excited to be playing with Terry Cassidy and Friends April 20 at Boondocks. Meanwhile, you can find Pete Jarvis performing the mid shift with Wayne Hammond most everyday at Sloppy Joe’s.