Spend a couple hours in Key West, either on Duval Street or on the water, and you will likely run into Randy Morrow. Whether behind a drum set or inside a kayak as an expert fishing guide, Randy is by far one of the hardest working professionals on the island.

Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, Randy has been surrounded by music from the time he was very small.  His father was a “weekend warrior” drummer and jazz aficionado, so there were jazz records and a drum set around the house from the start. While most of his friends were cutting grass or working at McDonald’s, Randy began playing gigs for money by the age of 14, playing weddings, dances and musicals around town.

After spending time on the road at age 18 followed by time in Atlanta and Nashville doing session work, Randy got a call from a “friend of a friend” who requested his services in Key West playing at the Hog’s Breath for a string of gigs. He almost declined but says his “inner voice” told him to carry on and head down despite the distance.  That first trip turned into several more trips and after receiving an invite from Fritz Sigler to do a steady 6-night-a week gig at the Ocean Key House, Randy remains with us here in Key West 15 years later.

A typical month will find Randy playing around 20-25 gigs in and around town at venues like Sloppy Joe’s, The Smoking Tuna, The Green Parrot, Virgilio’s, Boondocks and the Hog’s Breath Saloon. Randy is also a core member of the Sunday Ramble Band, performing every couple of months for the Sunday Ramble at the Key West Theater. “I’m honored to be a part of the Ramble, sharing the drum chair with Joey Marchiano. The sound is excellent. The stage is impressive. The band is top notch. The shows have all been sold out. What’s cool about the Ramble is it gives the singers and songwriters in Key West an opportunity to play their best material in a setting that presents them properly and professionally.” He continues “The Ramble is the coolest thing to happen in the music scene in Key West in a long time!”

Tickets for the Sunday Ramble are $25 in advance and $35 at the door and can be purchased at ticketfly.com. Doors open at 7PM, show starts at 8PM.  The next Sunday Ramble is scheduled for Sunday, March 20.

Written By James Whitehead