Like a lot of musicians, Jack Wolf caught the music bug at church where he played piano when he was a teenager. Also like a lot of artists and musicians before him, it took awhile to find his true passion, but once he did there was no stopping him. In his early years Jack dabbled in a lot of different things – he did a stint in the Navy, spent a short time at college, and did a 1300 mile bike trip around the country. Then one day he bought a $50 dollar guitar and went on to practice every single day for the next four years.

Jack made his way as a musician in the Knoxville area both playing and writing music. He had a wide array of musical ‘obsessions’ including Nirvana, James Taylor, Jack Johnson and the White Stripes.

On Groundhog’s Day 2013 Jack started a traveling busking tour with drummer Rob Cook (locals may remember Rob with the neck-tie washboard). Jack and Rob played in Asheville, Charlotte, Charleston, Ocala, Miami and eventually they got to Key West where they played on the streets, slept in their truck and used Denny’s as their ‘office’ to write songs and charge their phones.

These days Jack can be heard around town as a one-man-show at spots like Irish Kevins and Sunset Water Sports Sandy Cat, and also with his band Jack Wolf & The Howlers at Captain Tony’s. JW&TH is a combo with Jeff Skiff on bass and Lee Vinters on drums. They plan to release another CD in the coming months and are also planning a tour around the US.

Jack is very driven to improve himself – he practices piano everyday, watches a lot of ‘how-to’ videos and continues to take regular guitar lessons. As Jack says, “comfort is evil”. The way he describes it is that “comfort” feels good for awhile, but he enjoys checking things off lists and is a self-proclaimed “completionist”.

Jack has released three CD’s including a recording of the original ballad ‘Battling the Blues’ which is about a girl and love (said girl sings with him on the recording). Jack’s recordings are available on iTunes and Spotify and you can find updates to his live performance schedule on his Facebook page at Jack Wolf Music.