“ So I was doing my laundry on my abs this morning…the whites.”

Pass by Willie T’s or several other local Key West hot spots on a given afternoon and you might just be treated this type of comedic humor from the one and only Zack Seemiller. Here’s the catch. He’s a musician. Though he has recently begun performing stand-up comedy, Zack is first and foremost a man of music.

Many of us musicians, myself included, often find it difficult to fill in the spaces between songs when performing live. It takes a different type of musician to not only deliver the goods musically, but to be able to work the crowd to their advantage. Zack takes this ability to a whole different level. Whether the room is packed full of tourist, or occupied by only a few locals, Zack never disappoints. With his quick wit and hilarious one-liner’s, Seemiller fills the spaces in between like nobody else can. While his humor brings folks to tears of laughter, his simple, yet brilliantly written songs are what keep them in their seats.

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Zack moved down to Key West after visiting a friend in Big Pine, where he was helping to make honey. He began traveling down to Mallory Square and performing along the other entertainers and continued to do so for over a year. Zack soon began to find work as a musician in the various bars of Key West and within time, became one of the busiest local musicians in town, playing everywhere from Sloppy Joe’s, The lazy Gecko, Willie T’s, Rick’s and a host of other venues. Zack is also a very devoted father and has recently begun performing with his eldest son Kai on a regular basis. Kai, who is also a student/instructor at the Bahama Village music program, is now a regular fixture alongside his father at their gigs.

Zack has been a part of the Sunday Ramble series on two separate occasions now and says the experience has been extra special to him. “ The Ramble has been a real special event to me. To be able to showcase original material to a captive audience not ordering food or drinks is a real treat. It has allowed me to perform at the highest level. It’s a nice reminder of why I got into music.”

Find Zack’s music, schedule and merchandise at zackmusic.com.