"Deray" Guitar Tech Extraordinaire

"Deray" Guitar Tech Extraordinaire



We offer both private and group instruction for guitar, ukulele, mandolin, steel guitar, banjo, and piano for all types of music; rock, jazz, pop, country.

Private Instruction with Larry Baeder: $80 / hour or $40 / half hour

Private Instruction with Daryl Brooke or Rachel Grace: $60 / hour or $30 / half hour

Group Sessions available. Ukelele group workshop (free) every Monday night in season, and the  Grateful Guitar strum for guitarists i every Tuesday 6:00 PM (Free) hosted by Rachel Grace.

In Addition, The Grateful Guitar is pleased to offer professional vocal instruction with singer Mary Horan.

Professionally trained, Mary is a world class touring jazz vocal performer who recently made Key West her home. Private lessons with Mary are $60 / 45 minutes.

"Deray" Guitar Tech Extraordinaire

"Deray" Guitar Tech Extraordinaire

"Deray" Guitar Tech Extraordinaire


Respect your Instrument 

A guitar setup is like taking your car in for regular maintenance.  Regular maintenance of your guitar will ensure that it sounds good and will protect your investment into the future.

A basic setup includes adjusting the neck relief, string height and intonation of the guitar, plus cleaning and restringing.

Basic Setup – $60.00  Includes restring, fretboard clean and polish, cleaning of instrument, adjustment of truss rod, string height (action) and intonation. (Price does not include cost of strings and materials;  saddle or nut adjustments may incur additional cost)

Repairs assessed on a case-by-case basis. We offer body and structural repairs, fretwork, and installations, as well as custom nut / saddle installation, and wiring / electronic troubleshooting and repair.

We charge $60 per hour for all labor.

"Mimi" Store Manager Sales / Rentals / Restringing

"Deray" Guitar Tech Extraordinaire

"Mimi" Store Manager Sales / Rentals / Restringing


Leave Your Guitar Home

We rent guitars by the day, week, or month!  For our visiting customers...why pay the cost and risk traveling with your guitar?  Simply come in to The Grateful Guitar and pick one out that suits your visit. Whether you just want to strum in your hotel room or you have a professional gig, we have a wide selection to choose from. Rates start at $20 per day depending on the guitar of your choice. Weekly rates are available.

Mimi will restring your guitar or ukulele starting at $30 for 6 string steel acoustic or electric guitar.  Nylon stringed instruments and 12 string guitar extra.