We offer both private and group instruction for guitar, ukulele, mandolin, steel guitar, and banjo for all types of music; rock, jazz, pop, country.

Private Instruction with Larry Baeder: $80 / hour or $40 / half hour

Private Instruction with Daryl Brooke: $60 / hour or $30 / half hour

Group Sessions available. Ukelele group workshop (free) every Monday night in season.

Expert Setup and Repair


A guitar setup is like taking your car in for regular maintenance.  Regular maintenance of your guitar will ensure that it sounds good and will protect your investment into the future.

A basic setup includes adjusting the neck relief, string height and intonation of the guitar, plus cleaning and restringing.

Basic Setup – $60.00  Includes restring, fretboard clean and polish, cleaning of instrument, adjustment of truss rod, string height (action) and intonation. (Price does not include price of strings and materials;  saddle or nut adjustments may incur additional cost)

Repairs assessed on a case-by-case basis. We offer body and structural repairs, fretwork, and installations, as well as custom nut / saddle installation, and wiring / electronic troubleshooting and repair.

We charge $60 per hour for all labor.



Are you a solo artist, looking to record a demo?

The Grateful Guitar has a private studio equipped with a dedicated ProTools 11.0 system.  We have a small space and are best equipped to help you with single track sessions.

Recording $30.00 / hour